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The investment in Gold is higher than ever in the current economic climate. There are many forms of investing in gold, from jewellery, coins, soveriegns and gold bars. Each has its merit and ulitmately this comes down to your individual budget


Well here it comes, my brother has launched one and we are going to see who is more successful. Who gets more traffic and essentially who has the best site. Notice he has copied me!! It looks very much like my design.


I have recently launched a  new e-commerce website for a jewellery company The online jewellery boutique is a place for designers to exhbit and sell their designer jewellery. The launch has seen the website being very successful from day one and we are also running a targeted pay per click campaign.

1bigpresent1I have recently been working on a website project for

The key website objectives were:

  • Provide a platform for individuals to create an online invitation to join in celebrations for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or special occasion.  
  • Provide a stylish, engaging, fun and easy to navigate website which would be interactive for the browser to upload images, information about their own special occasion and ultimatley encourage their guests to make a donation to their own chosen gift.   

In such a competitive market place, it was crucial that the new website had a strong and immediate impact, in the first instance encouraging people to sign up and register their special occasion but also then to engage the invited guests to make a donation. This idea and business model has been used widely by wedding gift lists, but the new website needed to make the right impression to demonstrate how easy it is to set up your occasion and then to manage your occasion for not only weddings but all special occasions.


Only 9 months into its life, the website has almost had 300 occasions registered and is growing fast, with visitor levels increasing daily and a targeted Facebook advertising campaign the website looks as though it is going to be a big success.