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I love gold! I think alot of people do love gold and jewellery. As my role as a Digital Consultant I have been dealing with a number of companies in the Gold sector.

This includes the selling of gold coins, bars and jewellery, all of which are a commodity that people have decided to invest in. With the current UK economy struggling, pensions, property all look like an unstable investment. Gold is one area that has not been effected by the unstable economic crisis.


After watching the London Marathon on the bbc today, I was somewhat taken aback as to how many people raise money for so many worthwhile causes. So while I am inspired by this I am going to sign up and do the Marathon next year.

First thing to do is to send in an application form. I have had two friends who have completed the challenge. Not ever run a marathon I am not sure what sort of time I should be aiming for.

After seeing some celebs doing it, Nell McAndrew being the first to crossing the line in 3hrs and 10 minutes. I think I should probably try and aim in for the 4hr mark. But I suppose until I start training I won’t know how fast I can actually run…

The first hurdle is to apply and see if I get a place. I will keep you all up to date of my progress.

A classic

takethat Should Take That let Robbie Williams back into the fold? My view is no, he was arrogant enough to say he did not need them when his solo career was in full flight, but now times have become tougher and nobody wants to put on another tour for him he is suddenly interested.

I think Robbie has also seen the success that the guys from Take That are having with the recent ascent on the charts.


It would be good to hear what you think, as I did like Robbie Williams but now I just find him very strange! Thoughts please?