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After spending a long time explaining to my girlfriend Layla about what I sit and do each night on the internet I have decided to invite her into the world of internet marketing. She has finally got together and written some copy for her website and pulled together some images.

If you want to check it out it is on the following URL: Check it out and see what you think.


With the cost of setting up a business ballooning in recent years, business centres have offered a solution for companies to keep the costs down. These business centres have meeting rooms, receptionists, office equipment and desks ready and waiting.

The cost can be a very effective way of running a small business but not having the the overheads of the usual business premises. Meeting rooms Leeds is a reference guide for all small businesses in the UK.

The investment in Gold is higher than ever in the current economic climate. There are many forms of investing in gold, from jewellery, coins, soveriegns and gold bars. Each has its merit and ulitmately this comes down to your individual budget

Well here it comes, my brother has launched one and we are going to see who is more successful. Who gets more traffic and essentially who has the best site. Notice he has copied me!! It looks very much like my design.

Recently I did a blog post about the progress of my friends website harrogate plumbing, since launching the website I did say I would chart the progess of it. I have not really done much with it in terms of marketing, however what I have done seems to have had a negative affect. This is the updating of the page titles and meta descriptions, I did this with the idea that by changing these I would increase my organic listing. However what I counted on was the local listing going from a unique local listing to a harrogate-plumbinggeneric local listing. So I will say I now will actually have to start to actually to do something with the website.

I have recently been working with a friend on a launch of a new website. With Google shifting its business model to incorporate local listings the importance of this is imperative to any smaller business looking to be indexed by Google.
Currently the website is ranking for the keywords “Harrogate Plumbing” and “Plumbing Harrogate” without any Meta Descriptions being added. I am looking to add these descriptions shortly and I will track the websites progress in the search engines.
To visit the website please go to the

Currently you may have seen that Adidas have been running a new advertising campaign on both TV and online media.  Notably the Adidas brand has shifted itself away from being just a sports brand, this has been an evolution in the shift into popular culture.

Adidas’s association with Hip Hop originally with Run DMC and Russell Simmons, has meant it has not just appealed to the athlete’s themselves for the peformance purposes but with the everyday consumer. Adidas have followed this up with signing not only athletes, sports men and women but now they have the likes of Missy Elliot, The Ting Tings  endorsing their products.


The new campaign now see’s Stella McCartney (designing), The ting tings, Russell Simmons, Missy Elliot and David Beckham all featuring in the advert. It seems that the use of modern day popular culture icons will be at the forefront of Adidas’s campaign. Have a look at the new website as I really like the way it works using flash and if you haven’t seen the advert then it is worth a look it is also on the website: