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Monthly Archives: September 2009

What is the point in having a website if you have no traffic? It is very much like opening a shop or gallery in a really hard to find place, the answer to the question if you hadn’t guessed for most of us is it is pointless.  Everyone has commented on how saturated the internet is with websites in lots of sectors and how difficult it is to get anything ranking well for a term.

This is very true if you are going for a generic term like, “trainers” or “insurance” however if you are clever in the way you approach these terms and find niche keywords around the terms, it is more than likely you will find a number of keywords that you can focus your website on and thus generate traffic.

My advice to any budding prospective website owners would be, do your research on your market place first, type the keywords you hope that your website will rank for and check out how much competition there is. Ultimately it is your money you are investing and like any business you need to be sure that you are going to make whatever time or investment you put into it.