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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The investment in Gold is higher than ever in the current economic climate. There are many forms of investing in gold, from jewellery, coins, soveriegns and gold bars. Each has its merit and ulitmately this comes down to your individual budget


I love gold! I think alot of people do love gold and jewellery. As my role as a Digital Consultant I have been dealing with a number of companies in the Gold sector.

This includes the selling of gold coins, bars and jewellery, all of which are a commodity that people have decided to invest in. With the current UK economy struggling, pensions, property all look like an unstable investment. Gold is one area that has not been effected by the unstable economic crisis.

Well here it comes, my brother has launched one and we are going to see who is more successful. Who gets more traffic and essentially who has the best site. Notice he has copied me!! It looks very much like my design.

Just as Microsoft launch Bing, Google launch the next generation searching tools. Now as I am not that technical myself I am not quite sure what Google Wave is, so I can’t comment on whether I think it will be a success or not. What I do know is that applications for Google appear all the time.

I recently went into my PPC campaign and the toolbar had completely changed. Will I Google, Google Wave “yes”, will I fully understand what it is and does “no”, but like all the tools with Google I will only know how good these tools are until I have a use for them….

I have recently found myself intrigued into the world of affiliate marketing. And how it is possible to create an income stream, all be it a small one from targeting niche keywords on Google. As I have an interest in SEO how it works and what can be done to improve rankings.

As I have done a bit of research on the web about Adsense how it works and how I can actually make more than the cost of the hosting and the domain registration over a year. I have taken the plunge and registered a domain, built a free of charge template and paid for some hosting.

All this as you will see if you click the link below has not gone exactly to plan. My adsense box is all over the place and the website looks a bit of a mess. But as you are loyal readers of my blog and I don’t claim to be the most technical person I am not embarrassed to say it looks a bit of a hash job.

So here is the link by all means have a look and any thoughts would be interesting



Microsoft launches its new search engine, will it be a success? The answer, “probably not” but you cannot ever say no.  Google has had such a strangle hold on the search market that it is difficult to see who will come along and knock them off this enviable position.

Although the new search format looks more impressive than the traditional MSN search engine it is essentially the same product but brought up to date with a new design and format of displaying your results.

I would recommend that you have a play around with it yourself but what disappoints me is that has no new ranking facility. It is still working on the basis of how many links a website has as to the merit of its ranking. Based on this it is hard to see why you would choose this over Google for reliability.