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Monthly Archives: May 2009

I am going to completely jump on the band wagon here and talk  about our elected MP’s and the outrage I feel. That being said the inept way this country is run makes me mad but that is another topic so I will just try and talk about our lovely MP’s.

Right, I think I am going to start with a positive and then work down. I recently met the current MP for Harrogate, he seemed like a geniune and all round nice guy who seemed to really care about politics and what he was doing. Now the positive out the way my thoughts on the expenses scandal:

Where to start, I think the fact that MP’s really seem to think for some reason they are above the law is my first point, the only analogy I can think of someone taking money from the state illegally would be if a single mother who was trying to defraud the government for extra state benefits. Instead of maybe the single mother saying I will pay the money back to the government, more than likely the state would prosecute her for theft.

So I am actually speechless that MP’s who have been caught red handed by a newspaper taking money from the state illegally can then think it is ok to turn around and then say, “Oh I am sorry, I did not realise that I had been defrauding the government, I will pay the money back immediately??”

I am therefore also speechless that the police, government and any law abiding citzen does not want to see these MP’s who are in positions of authority to be prosecuted for this crime? As I cannot see why it should be one rule for MP’s and one rule for the british citizen.