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Monthly Archives: April 2009

After watching the London Marathon on the bbc today, I was somewhat taken aback as to how many people raise money for so many worthwhile causes. So while I am inspired by this I am going to sign up and do the Marathon next year.

First thing to do is to send in an application form. I have had two friends who have completed the challenge. Not ever run a marathon I am not sure what sort of time I should be aiming for.

After seeing some celebs doing it, Nell McAndrew being the first to crossing the line in 3hrs and 10 minutes. I think I should probably try and aim in for the 4hr mark. But I suppose until I start training I won’t know how fast I can actually run…

The first hurdle is to apply and see if I get a place. I will keep you all up to date of my progress.



I have recently launched a  new e-commerce website for a jewellery company The online jewellery boutique is a place for designers to exhbit and sell their designer jewellery. The launch has seen the website being very successful from day one and we are also running a targeted pay per click campaign.

A classic

Recently I did a blog post about the progress of my friends website harrogate plumbing, since launching the website I did say I would chart the progess of it. I have not really done much with it in terms of marketing, however what I have done seems to have had a negative affect. This is the updating of the page titles and meta descriptions, I did this with the idea that by changing these I would increase my organic listing. However what I counted on was the local listing going from a unique local listing to a harrogate-plumbinggeneric local listing. So I will say I now will actually have to start to actually to do something with the website.



Recently the scottish FA have made examples of the two players involved in drinking and going AWOL after the recent game between Holland. The players were told they could go out for a few drinks after the game. Knowing they had another qualifying game four days later, that was vital for the progress of Scotland team to make it through to the World Cup, the pair decided to go out on an 11hr bender? 

If this was not bad enough that they had been caught red handed, they were then dropped by the Scottish manager George Burley for the fixture against Iceland. As the photo’s show above this was the players reaction to the manager. I cannot believe they think they could get away with what they did? Going out as they did after the Holland game and then to go on ansdswear at the manager in this childish way.

It is another example of the disconnection footballers have with reality and the commercial world. I am not Scottish but if two of my countries players had done what these clowns had done I would be more than happy to see them never playing for my country.   

I would rather see a lower league footballer try his heart out, than see two players who do not value what it means to play in a World Cup represent my team. I think the praise has to go to the SFA for the way they have dealt with this situation.