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Monthly Archives: March 2009

1bigpresent1I have recently been working on a website project for

The key website objectives were:

  • Provide a platform for individuals to create an online invitation to join in celebrations for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or special occasion.  
  • Provide a stylish, engaging, fun and easy to navigate website which would be interactive for the browser to upload images, information about their own special occasion and ultimatley encourage their guests to make a donation to their own chosen gift.   

In such a competitive market place, it was crucial that the new website had a strong and immediate impact, in the first instance encouraging people to sign up and register their special occasion but also then to engage the invited guests to make a donation. This idea and business model has been used widely by wedding gift lists, but the new website needed to make the right impression to demonstrate how easy it is to set up your occasion and then to manage your occasion for not only weddings but all special occasions.


Only 9 months into its life, the website has almost had 300 occasions registered and is growing fast, with visitor levels increasing daily and a targeted Facebook advertising campaign the website looks as though it is going to be a big success.


takethat Should Take That let Robbie Williams back into the fold? My view is no, he was arrogant enough to say he did not need them when his solo career was in full flight, but now times have become tougher and nobody wants to put on another tour for him he is suddenly interested.

I think Robbie has also seen the success that the guys from Take That are having with the recent ascent on the charts.


It would be good to hear what you think, as I did like Robbie Williams but now I just find him very strange! Thoughts please?…

Social networking sites like Facebook could be monitored by the UK government under proposals to make them keep details of users’ contacts.

The Home Office said it was needed to tackle crime gangs and terrorists who might use the sites, but said it would not keep the content of conversations.

Civil liberties campaigners have called the proposal a “snoopers’ charter”.

The idea follows proposals to store details of every phone call, email, and internet visit made in the UK.

Tens of millions of people use sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to chat with friends, but ministers say they have no interest in the content of discussions – just who people have been talking to.


All browsers of the internet have the choice between four new web browsers. Indeed, like Firefox 3.1, the newest version of Apple’s browser is now pitching for widespread public adoption, whilst still bearing its beta tag. Google’s Chrome shed that designation in December, but it too is still under constant development, what I find interesting is that they launch these browsers for people to test and then worry about the development as they go along. With the imminent launch of Microsoft’s version of internet explorer it seems beta versions of this have also been circulating for some months.

These four browsers ultimately fulfill the same role to help you the browser to view websites on the web. I have no real affinity to any browser at the moment. I can quite happily stay with whatever browser is installed on the PC or Mac I am using, so long as I can view websites and access the information as quickly as I can on another browser.

Interestingly for the browsers and especially Google it is of paramount importance to their business model to launch Google Chrome. For many reasons this is the case but the main being the advertising revenue they generate year upon year. In simple terms by having their own browser they can become even more targeted to you as an individual and track which websites you are viewing when you are not Googling something?

I have no problem with Google doing this but I don’t like one company having a complete monopoly on everything. Microsoft has been doing this for years offline with its versions of windows, now Google seem to be heading in the same direction with the internet.


Recently  I have been attending a number of Everton games both home and away. The key thing that has been from going to the various grounds throughout England is that football is supported very differently, and this is probably true on a global scale. Now this observation probably has been noted before and anyone who like me has followed a team will know what I am refering to.  I suppose I always classed myself as a fairly keen follower of my team (Everton) until this year when I have for the first time made an effort to go to some games. 
 Watching games on Sky Sports or Setanta bares no resemblance to actually going to a ground to watch a game in person. For starters you don’t get that buzz around the ground, the different variety of pies, the local surronding of the ground and the experience of being a minority fan surronded by home fans. Obviously I am not bigging it all up standing in the rain, sleet or snow and watching your chosen team lose to Bolton is not my idea of fun but I don’t suppose it is any fans. 
The point I am trying to make is that culturally there is a big difference between watching Everton, Liverpool, Leeds, Blackburn, Newcastle etc is very different from watching the likes of Arsenal or Chelsea. And I don’t mean the football that is played, I think I am trying to say the atmosphere as you walk up to the ground, the unity, the seats in the ground and ultimately the way football seems more like it is observed rather than fully supported in these two teams grounds.
Which brings me to my next point, with the re-introduction of  Wembley and as Everton will be attending the Semi-Final of the FA Cup and hopefully I will be as well. As Wembley has now gone to a corporate stadium, it will be interesting to see two northern teams take over the venue for the day.
Come on you blues!! louis-saha-celebrates

I have recently been working with a friend on a launch of a new website. With Google shifting its business model to incorporate local listings the importance of this is imperative to any smaller business looking to be indexed by Google.
Currently the website is ranking for the keywords “Harrogate Plumbing” and “Plumbing Harrogate” without any Meta Descriptions being added. I am looking to add these descriptions shortly and I will track the websites progress in the search engines.
To visit the website please go to the