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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Currently you may have seen that Adidas have been running a new advertising campaign on both TV and online media.  Notably the Adidas brand has shifted itself away from being just a sports brand, this has been an evolution in the shift into popular culture.

Adidas’s association with Hip Hop originally with Run DMC and Russell Simmons, has meant it has not just appealed to the athlete’s themselves for the peformance purposes but with the everyday consumer. Adidas have followed this up with signing not only athletes, sports men and women but now they have the likes of Missy Elliot, The Ting Tings  endorsing their products.


The new campaign now see’s Stella McCartney (designing), The ting tings, Russell Simmons, Missy Elliot and David Beckham all featuring in the advert. It seems that the use of modern day popular culture icons will be at the forefront of Adidas’s campaign. Have a look at the new website as I really like the way it works using flash and if you haven’t seen the advert then it is worth a look it is also on the website:

Condom truck tips, splills load

Condom truck tips, spills load

For my first blog post ever I thought I would give you all something funny to look at rather than  bore you straight away with my thoughts on the internet, online marketing, project management, branding and design. So here it is enjoy.

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